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10-min Peanut Noodles – quick & delicious for every day

peanut noodles

These peanut noodles are the perfect lazy comfort food

Craving a flavourful and satisfying meal that can be ready in no time? Look no further than these mouthwatering 10-minute peanut noodles! Made with your favorite noodles and a delectable sauce with creamy peanut butter, soy sauce, chili sauce, honey, and sesame oil, this quick and easy dish is perfect for busy weeknights or whenever you need a tasty and comforting meal. Plus, with the option to customise by adding your favorite veggies or protein, you can create a delightful noodle bowl that suits your taste buds.

Thanks to simple ingredients, these peanut noodles only take 10 minutes to make

  • Noodles: we love a thick udon noodle due to their chewy texture. But you can use any other noodles type really – ramen, soba, rice noodles, you name it
  • Peanut butter: this is key for a creamy and super satisfying sauce and helps keep you full longer.
  • Soy sauce: adds depth and a savoury note to the sauce. We use regular soy sauce, but if you prefer a stronger note, you can use dark soy sauce. Be cautious of using a little less with stronger flavours and taste testing along the way
  • Chili oil: we recommend this chili oil or paste as it’s incredibly versatile in dishes. You can replace it with any spicy or chili sauce but may need to adapt the quantity slightly. So be careful not to fire up your noodles too much!
  • Honey: adds a sweet-savory umami note to the sauce. We opt for a natural sweetener whenever possible. You can use agave nectar, maple syrup or sugar instead
  • Sesame oil: adds a bitter, nutty note. You could use walnut oil or other oils on the bitter side instead. If you do not have any, it’s better to leave this out than replace it with neutral or olive oil

Add extra veg or protein to pimp up your noodles

To make these peanut noodles even more enticing, consider adding your favorite vegetables or protein. Sautéed broccoli, snap peas, or shredded carrots can introduce a burst of color and freshness to the dish. For a heartier option, toss in cooked chicken, shrimp, or tofu. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to create a personalised noodle bowl that suits your cravings.

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Top with sesame seeds, spring onion and peanuts and you’re all set

For a final touch of flair, sprinkle some sesame seeds, chopped spring onions, or crushed peanuts on top of the peanut noodles. These toppings not only enhance the presentation but also add extra texture and flavors, taking your dish to a restaurant-worthy level.

10-Minute Peanut Noodles

Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Asian
Keyword: Peanut noodles
Servings: 1 serving


  • 80 g Noodles (udon, ramen, soba)
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp chili oil
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil


  • Boil noodles per package instructions.
  • In a bowl, combine all ingredients for the sauce, and add 1 tbsp of hot noodle water. Mix well, then add noodles to the bowl, toss around and top with sesame seeds and spring onion. Enjoy!

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